How successful was your event?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

- Peter Drucker

Get minute-by-minute details

Don’t leave the success of your event in the hands of your attendees. Your app, marketing, push notifications and most of all, your eye on data, makes the big difference in keeping your event active. Measure New Users, Downloads, Sessions, Push Notifications effectiveness and many more data points; all at the tip of your click

Quantify Engagement

Eventrol provides “app engagement meters” depending upon different activities – mainly session logins, activity stream (home), etc. Measure how much your users are interacting and what is the average contribution towards your event.

Event Engagement Meter
Status: GOOD

Identify Rockstars

Find out which are the best rated sessions and favorite speakers of your attendees

Measure every module

Find out what is working, what needs to be fixed. Take
proactive action and by monitoring activities in real time.

Measure ROI on Sponsored Content

Eventrol’s monetization features is bundled with fully featured Sponsored Content Analytics. You will get real-time analytics including most popular sponsors, most successful ads and full drill-down of leads generated by each ad. Easily export that data and share it with your sponsors.

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