A simple & powerful check in app with private and secure data

Plan your event

Create Guest List
Create events, guest lists and guest profiles in minutes with simple templates or easily import from spreadsheets. Keeping events discrete is just as easy. Guest lists don’t need to save any individual profiles or emails at all.
Multi User Access Privileges
Set different levels of access for different members of your team, whatever your setup. Give your front of house access only to check in or your planning team or clients access only to uploading guest lists..
Save and Secure Data
Banks and Governments are using these systems to store their data, so rest be assured that your data is highly secured with us.

Manage your event

Quick Check In
Find and check in guests in seconds on the app, even if the wifi goes down. Easy as that. No more long queue.
Automatic Sync
Use Eventrol on unlimited devices. Everything syncs across all your devices automatically.
Guest Pictures
Are you guests paying for your events? Lets there be no confusion with similar name.Identify your guests with their pictures.
Onsite Badge Printing
Instantly print name badges for guests and their group on local wireless printers.No mistakes in guest info, no wasted time or paper on guests who don’t show up, and professional badges for every attendee.
Important Alerts when VIP arrive
Your team will receive automatic text and email alerts when important guests arrive. Guests can receive texts that inform them of their table number and other key info. Everyone stays in the loop.

Analyze your event

See every single action taken at your event and what it all means, from who checked in when to which groups had the best attendance. Data-rich reports deliver insights that will improve every event you plan.

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